Collaboration with Local Influencers

What we offer

With our wide and energetic network of local Chinese influencers and partners, your marketing campaign can go viral on a variety of major social media platforms including Douyin (also known as TikTok), XiaoHongShu, WeChat and Weibo.

Weibo Influencers: We are working with Travel, Real Estate and Gaming influencers directly. Have your message shared on social media and video platforms.
WeChat Influencers: As of now, over a milllion WeChat groups are available to have your message shared. Once again, Travel, Real Estate and Gaming webinars can be promoted by influencers and WeChat group moderators.
Douyin Influencers: By having the option to interact with top Chinese TikTok influencers, we can have short interactive brand videos shared and involve millions of followers.
XiaoHongShu Influencers: A solution perfect for e-commerce shops and beauty industry to promote luxury shop products.

Reach your target audiences in a snap of a finger.

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