What plans are currently available for purchase?

Mobiblade China currently offers three types of plans, depending on customer needs.

"Social" is perfect for those starting out on the Chinese market.
You can learn more about this plan in our "Social Plan" presentation

"Social + Search" includes everything required to have a sizeable presence in China. This plan includes "Social Plan."
You can learn more about the "Search" aspect of this plan in our "Search Plan" presentation

Third option, "Custom," is suitable for businesses looking to mix and match their marketing efforts based on their needs.
You can learn more about the "Search" aspect of this plan in our "Custom Plan" presentation

What is the validity period of any purchased plan?

All purchased plans are valid for a calendar year once they're purchased with the exception of the "Custom" plan. The latter is not bound by any time constraints.

I'd like to purchase another 'Social' or 'Social + Search' plan, can I do so from within my account?

Sadly, due to technical restrictions, users are required to register for a new account if they'd like to purchase and launch a new Social or Search plan. Users on the 'Custom' plan are free to keep using their services as is.

How will I know that progress has started on my plan?

The status page available inside the portal is the central hub of information when it comes to delivering items found inside the plans.

Alternatively, you can also contact us to get a status report of your current plan.

Where can I find the deliverables of the purchased plan?

On 'Status' page inside the portal. From there you'll be able to see the overall status of your plan, status of individual items, any associated links and all relevant comments.

I've encountered a bug, who should I contact?

That can be done in two ways: contact support or submit a ticket by clicking on the 'Suggest feedback' button. Please be as detailed as possible and provide contextual information as to what triggered unintended behavior.

How long does it take for my information and documents to be verified?

Verification is subject to a multitude of mandatory checks and can range from a couple of days to a few weeks. Sadly, there's no specific timeframe we can provide.

What are the supported payment methods?

The portal currently supports two types of payments: PayPal and Stripe. More gateways may be added in the future to accommodate a bigger pool of users.

Additionally, once you checkout, you'll have the option to issue a standard invoice and send the campaign funds via a bank wire. The amount will be credited to once the funds are processed.

Am I eligible for refunds?

Yes, our standard refund policy applies to purchases and will be provided in specific cates.
Please consult with the Refund Policy.

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Yes, if you're from the EU, a 'Bank Wire' will become available to you where you'll be able to find bank details for a wire transfer.