Zhihu is the largest knowledge platform on the Chinese Internet and is based on Q&As like Quora. It has 280 million registered users, 26 million daily users, 18 billion monthly views, and an average visit duration of 60 minutes. At the present time, Zhihu has so far gathered 410,000 topics, 36 million questions and 170 million answers. Topic discussions cover the entire industry with more than one million users who participate in these topics every day and generate high-quality discussions. 

Zhihu: Chinese Internet Knowledge Overlord

Zhihu was launched in 2011 and nine years later has a sophisticated advertising and marketing system in place. With its high-quality knowledge community model, Zhihu has gradually evolved into the overlord of Chinese Internet knowledge social networking.

Ways to Advertise With Zhihu

The Zhihu App currently offers 4 types of advertising styles, namely large image template, text template, small image template and multi-image template. These cover the core pages of the App which are the App homepage, answer page, question page and comment page.

Identify Your Promotion Goals with Zhihu

There are several ways in which you can promote your brand including application download, clue collection, product promotion, mini program promotion, organization number article promotion, enterprise number promotion and more. With a clear goal in mind, you can achieve great results as part of your campaign strategy.

Zhihu Advertising Space Pricing Format

There are basically three kinds of charging methods, namely CPC, CPM and CPT. Each charging method has a different fee structure.

The billing method used by different products is also different and depends on the type of product. For example, many brands like CPM but will adopt the CPM billing method because they are more concerned about brand exposure. However, most companies generally use the CPC billing method which is a pay-per-click. Compared with traditional bidding, the information flow can be used to label the crowd, and the effect of fixed-point placement is still good.

Knowing that the advertising fee model is mainly the CPC bidding model, this is billed according to an effective click of the ad. When the user clicks to watch the ad, will he be charged once, with the cost of each click geared towards target customers so as not to waste unnecessary advertising costs. Knowing that advertising supports CPC, the charging starting price is generally 0.5 yuan per click (the specific price is updated continuously).

Zhihu Advertising Benefits

At present, Zhihu’s advertisers are focused on 7 industries: APP, education, finance, home improvement, wedding, tourism and decoration. Zhihu information flow advertising is at the dividend stage where the click price is relatively reasonable, the overall conversion cost is low and the user quality higher.

Enable Ad Delivery Area Setting with Zhihu

This is a useful function as the demand groups and areas targeted by different promotion industries are different. By setting the advertising delivery area in the background of the account, not just the investment cost of advertising can be saved, but accurate delivery of advertising can also be achieved together with the desired overall advertising effect.

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