Mobiblade’s cooperation with EternityX (the China-based programmatic platform) will enable clients to achieve high-performance campaign results and meet their marketing goals.

Mobiblade, a leading digital performance agency, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with EternityX with the aim of providing users with the best tools and expertise available to gain superior results from their marketing campaigns.

About the Mobiblade and EternityX Official Partnership 

As a result of Mobiblade’s cooperation with EternityX, China’s award-winning AI marketing technology platform, a powerful programmatic solution, is now available for brands based in Russia and Cyprus.

Built on a history of managing highly successful performance campaigns and achieving considerable success for client partners over recent years, EternityX is perfectly positioned to support the globalization of programmatic advertising for clients around the world who are looking to target consumers in China.

The Mobiblade – EternityX partnership empowers Mobiblade clients to easily launch effective campaigns in China targeting their chosen industries and audiences. The platform’s in-depth offering provides ideal media solutions, platform development and integration services for global brands and includes the following features: Advertising Platforms (TD, DSP, SSP, DCO, DNA, Tag Manager & AB Tester), Data Management (DMP and CDP), Global Traffic Integration Service (BidEX) and Enterprise Solution Development.

Mobiblade – EternityX opportunities include:

  • 50B Bid Request/ Day
  • >150,000 Travel Bookings
  • 8,382 Clients
  • Cover 90% Netizens
  • >50,000 Campaigns
  • >100B Audience Data Transformed
  • 20-30% Enhancement by Automatic Optimization

Reasons to Work with Mobiblade and EternityX

✔Premium Media Access: Premium media priority buy to reach 90% of netizens in China

✔Data Capability: 960B of data resulting in over 1,000 unique audience profiles for precise targeting 

✔Full Marketing Technology Stack: Built-for-performance bid algorithm and advanced technology products with full service supports for results 

EternityX’s Unique Strengths:

✔Open-to-connect platform: powerful omni channel platform with direct connection to all major media, data and brand safety sources

✔Multi-dimensional audience profiling: AI-powered data capabilities to comprehend real-time audience needs throughout consumer journey

✔Full automation: AI-powered automated optimization features for enhanced insights and results delivery

✔Customized advisory: professional multicultural team with extensive global and China experience to overcome hurdles in the complicated China media landscape


Targeting is possible under the following categories: Interest/Intention, Gaming, Beauty, Sports, Health Entertainment, Education, Travel, News, Gaming, Social, Life Tools, Fashion, Finance, F&B, Business Automotive, Literature, Mother and Baby, Home, etc
Demographic: Gender, Age, Industry, Education Level, Marital Status, OS, Browser, APP, etc.
Look-a-like: eCommerce, Brands, Browser, Gaming, SME, Animation, Automotive, OS, etc. 
Brand: Brands, Location, Brand/Product Level, etc.
Product: Category, Features, Brands, Competitor’s product, etc. 
GEO: Select or/and Geos/Cities.
Retargeting: Re-engage visitors who have exhibited a particular interest. 

Advertising Landscape Cover:

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Programmatic Ad Campaign Creation Process with Mobiblade, the official partner of EternityX in Russia and Cyprus. It’s simple to register on Mobiblade China Portal. Make your life easier with marketing in China. 

Preparation and Obtaining a License 

Creating a website in Chinese is a prerequisite for a successful campaign launch in the China market. Obtaining licenses and approvals from various sources are also required. Mobiblade takes care of all relevant details and logistics when launching a successful campaign in China including the language itself, ensuring the receipt of an ICP license and the registration of advertising accounts with various Chinese media channels.

If you have an international brand, there is no need to obtain your own individual ICP license as Mobiblade now offers this service as part of its solution through its partnership with EternityX. 

Find out more about our Social and Search Plan page description

Registration usually takes just 24 hours before your ads go live in China with no need for any specific approvals or documentation requirements.

Mobiblade Media Partner

Mobiblade is a full digital marketing agency that serves clients worldwide. With its strong expertise in search, display, mobile advertising, including programmatic buying and remarketing, Mobiblade specialises in fintech, investment and gaming companies who are seeking to offer a customized approach that will deliver the highest results. Mobiblade generates tangible and successful campaigns for clients through a combination of advanced technology, long-term relationships with worldwide partners and in-house experts. 

Having quickly emerged as the go-to ROI agency, Mobiblade is a trusted choice for brands who are looking to broaden their worldwide exposure. If you want to take your business to the next level contact us now!

Mobiblade is a trusted choice for brands who are looking to broaden their worldwide exposure. If you want to take your business to the next level, partner with Mobiblade and enjoy the synergies.

Register with Mobiblade today and get your unique offer to Advertise on Chinese Digital world.

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