BiliBili is similar to Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers in China. Bilibili is a (stylized bilibili, simplified Chinese: 哔哩哔哩; NASDAQ: BILI; and also nicknamed B site (Chinese: B站)) is a Chinese video sharing website that is themed around animation, comics and games (ACG), where users can submit, view and add overlaid commentary on videos. BiliBili enriches the everyday lives of the Chinese younger generations and its success is reflected in its data which includes RMB1.37 billion (US$204.7 million) revenue, driven by 101.3 monthly mobile active users 88.6 million (MAU) with 81 min average daily time spent.

In addition, BiliBili reported 514 million average daily video views in Q1 2019 93% YoY growth, 1.4 billion interactions(1) generated monthly in Q1 and 361% YoY growth.

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B Site Advertising Introduction

Bilibili (station B) advertisements are information flow advertisements displayed in the Bilibili APP in the form of graphic advertisements. The following specifically introduces the specific display location and size of the Bilibili information flow advertisement for your reference. The information flow of station B is the advertisement displayed on the mobile terminal of station B. The advertisement displayed by the Bilibili client mainly takes two forms – one is the small information flow advertisement and the other is the large information flow advertising.

The following is the size and specific location of the small-picture advertisement and the large-picture advertisement of Bilibili Information Stream:

Display Form of Advertising Space at Station B

1. Stream Panel
  • Information Flow thumbnail ad: 640 * 400 JPG / PNG size: 150KB
  • Title: 2-18 characters. Short Description: 2-6 words.
2. Big Picture of Information Flow
  • Information flow big picture: 960*300 JPG/PNG Size: 150KB
  • Title: 5-23 words. Short description: 2-10 words.

How to Advertise on Station B

There are two ways to place ads on station B. One is self-delivery, and the other is hosted by a service provider.

If you are familiar with Internet advertising, especially video advertising, or if your team has professional Internet advertising operations personnel, you can choose independent advertising. You can self-serve advertising via the advertising background of station B.

If you have no experience in Internet advertising, we recommended you choose account hosting. You can submit the ads to a dedicated service provider for hosting to optimize your advertising.

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