About Qihoo 360 

Qihoo 360 is the largest PC and Mobile Internet security provider in China. Qihoo 360 has a daily mobile search volume of 80 million, 450 million daily PC users, 300 million daily mobile users and daily PC search volume of 700 million.

As pioneers in technology that solves the multi-dimensional security needs of users, Qihoo 360 assumes the leading industry position in the following areas:

No.1 PC anti-virus software in China: 514 million active users and 96.6% market penetration rate 

No.1 PC browser in China: 398 million active users and 73% market penetration rate for Android system with 500 million users 

No.1 Navigation website in China with highest traffic and an average 677 million daily page views 

No.1 Mobile security APP in China with over 599 million users 

No.1 Mobile APP Store in China 

No.2 Search engine in China with 62.5% of market penetration rate

Products and Services

Qihoo 360 offers a large range of Internet and mobile security products and services for PC, Mac, personal and business use directly and via reseller/affiliate schemes free of charge to over 400 million Internet users. Mobiblade is proud to have built a strong partnership with 360 International Advertising Unit, the overseas digital marketing arm of Qihoo 360.

Online Advertising

Mobiblade uses its extensive user traffic to offer online advertising services, including online marketing services and a search referral service. Our 360 Browsers and their default home pages, 360 Personal Start-up Page, contain our own search boxes to provide search engines for obtaining data on a global computer network. Other services include operating web games developed by third-parties, the provision of remote technical support, creation and maintenance of websites, and offering other Internet value-added services to users.

Mobiblade Media Partner

As a media partner of Qihoo 360, Mobiblade’s clients can choose any website within 360 and launch a campaign with Mobiblade in accordance with their famous industry and target audience requirements. They can choose PPC and keywords promotion ranging from 360 (SEO service) or Display and InFeed promotion ads and video, selecting any GEO targeting based on the product location or DMP (data collection audience). 

Qihoo 360 advertising platform empowers advertisers to target specific audience groups using keywords and demographics, location, time, devices and interests, providing you with complete control over your campaigns.

360 Ads Campaign Creation Process with Mobibalde. Official partner of 360 International Advertising Unit. Make it Easy Register on Mobiblade China Portal, make your life easy with marketing in China.

Preparing and Obtaining a License 

Creating a website in Chinese is a prerequisite for a successful launch in the Chinese market. Our agency takes care of all the language aspects and assures the receipt of an ICP license, as well as the registration of an advertising account. If you have an international brand, you won’t need to obtain an ICP license as Mobiblade can offer this as part of a solution with Alibaba Cloud. Find out more about our Basic Packages Page Description mobiblade.cn.

Registration usually takes between 5 to 7 days but may take longer if, for example, if you offer financial services.

Setting up Your Personal Account in  Qihoo 360 and Targeting Options

The targeting and dashboard settings in Baidu are identical to that of Google Ads. Types of advertising campaigns in Qihoo 360 include: 

1. PPC search and display ad campaign (2nd Search Engine in China) www.so.com. On PC the penetration rate is 62.5%, market share approximately 40%, daily users 450 million and daily search volume 700 million. Via Mobile, the daily search volume is 80 million with 300 million daily users.

2. Brand positioning: Cyber security is 360’s core value and we too strongly believe in a virus-free internet environment. This means that advertisers do not need to worry about brand safety which is a huge issue in China. 

How to Set Up an Account in Qihoo 360 with Mobiblade 

Send a request for a Search Plan and we will be in contact with you shortly. Find out more about our Search and Social.

More about Qihoo 360 Ad Formats: https://mobiblade.cn/paid/360/

  1. Ad Format: Standard Paid Search Ad:
  1. Brand Express: 
  1. Premium Zone: 
  1. Competitor Express: 
  1. 360 Baike:
  1. 360 DSP (Demand Side Platform):Huge Inventory, PV ≥ 2 Billion/Day, including 360 own exclusive inventory. 

Conversation & Performance: With the same amount of budget, our conversation rate is higher than other Chinese media (search engine and DSP). It is because of our user demographic, we bring “quality traffic” to our advertiser and thus, better conversation & performance. 360 is known as a performance driven media in China market. 

Mobiblade is a trusted choice for brands who are looking to broaden their worldwide exposure. If you want to take your business to the next level, partner with Mobiblade and enjoy the synergies.

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