Many international brands would like to promote their business in China. Good marketing manners depend on the local analytics tool as Baidu Analytics, also known as Baidu Tongji or 百度统计 in China. But the first main problem is to find out how to set up local analytics on your website with international hosting? Usually, Google Analytics has been used as basic analytics tools around the world, but as the basis of comparison is the only good tool for any language besides Chinese (simplified and traditional).

Baidu Analytics advantages:

  • Integration with all advertising and management tools for promoting your brand in China as Baidu Index or 百度索引量, it’s mean Baidu is providing SEO service. In that case, you don’t need to spend money with marketing Agency. Usually, they have required the budget from 10 k $ to 30 $ during 3–6 months for SEO service. Just encourage a local person who is familiar with analytics and the Chinese language (I am talking about putonghua).
  • Another important thing is the report you are able to generate there. Baidu Statistics provides you with a variety of website analysis reports such as traffic, sources, pages, visitors, conversions, SEO, etc., supporting multi-dimensional segmentation and custom viewing, helping you to perform SEM, SEO optimization, and improve conversion rate.
  • Features of traffic analysis as Website traffic trend analysisIntroduction to real-time visitor reports (important to find out from which sources is the target audience, Customer version shields abnormal IP and visitors, Calculation of access time, Shielded IP and visitor management
  • Conversion analysis: just compare the data in Google analytics with Baidu Tonjie, you will wonder how the data are different from one another. In one ad test campaign, you will realize that the number of real website visitors in GA in 2–3 times less than in Baidu Analytics. The same things with the conversion. You can lose some part of your audience with GA in China.
  • Optimization Analysis: fist of all you have to analyze search term ranking, then Website speed diagnosis and many other services directly connected with all Baidu tools. Try to find that out and realize when the GA doesn’t support all of the major channels in China as Baidu.
  • Automagical integration with local social networks as Weibo, Wechat, QQ.

How to set up all of the mentioned features above?

  • The main thing you have to do first is to install the code on your website. Yes, for international websites that are using hosting outside of China there’s will be an issue to connect all tools via FTP. In addition, instructions for the installation can be easily installed to set up Baidu Tonjie
  • Baidu’s tracking code collects users to access data for your site and shows it for you to see in the report. When you add a website to your account, Baidu will generate a tracking code with a unique ID that you need to add to each page of the website, recommending asynchronous code. Note: The ID in the code is uniquely generated. After the same website is deleted, it will be added, and the ID in the code will change.
  1. You can install the code manually: Only when the Baidu statistical code is correctly added, the traffic data will be accurate. The following points should be noted during the code installation process:
  2. The code should be installed in the correct location. Install the asynchronous analysis code before the tag </head>.
  3. Do not repeatedly install the same code on a page. Statistics have deduplication rules, and generally do not repeat calculations. After a piece of code is in effect, another piece of code will be discarded, but it is recommended to install only one piece of code.
  4. Don’t have any editing operations on the code. Editing the code will cause the code to fail to execute successfully and may affect the display of the website page.
  5. Install code on all pages of the site, with a focus on promoting URL pages, conversion goals, and related path pages. The promotion code on the promotion URL is to accurately track the Baidu promotion click, and the detailed promotion URL installation rate can be viewed on the website list. Here’s a picture below how it looks like in Baidu A:

Then ask your technical support guy to set up this code on your website, especially, on every page.

Automatically there’s will be an issue to set up a code on the Baidu Tonjie, in case, you are not using local hosting. Furthermore, there’s a problem if you don’t have an ICP license.

In conclusion, I would like to describe some advanced features of Baidu Analytics tool:

  • Baidu Statistics provides a custom tracking service (JSAPI) and a data export service (Tongji API), which allows you to customize the collection of various types of access data and easily export the required data.
  • JSApi: single page application tracking, JS-API_ how to deploy JS-API code, setCustomVar description, track pageview description, trackEvent description.
  • One of the important feature you have to use in Baidu it’s a list of users’ sites. Get a list of sites and subdirectories under the current user, excluding permission sites and summary sites. It’s a good feature to analyze automatically what’s your target audience, from which websites sources they came from.

How to use the Baidu report?

Baidu can be used to push all the redirected groups in the user group and push it to the Baidu promotion server such as information stream promotion and search promotion in real-time. On the delivery side, you can select the corresponding group package to directly serve the user. Customized advertising to help with precision marketing.

Second, the use of instructions: 

1. First need to accept the service agreement, click to agree to enter the Baidu report page;

2. Click New Directional Task to create a new group to push the group package:

a. First, enter the task name, the rule is 10 characters, only the input of numbers, English and Chinese;

b. Select user grouping, including the grouping type of the basic circle, the actuarial grouping, and the group type uploaded by the user ID;

c. One-time/routine tasks can be selected, and a single-task supports the selection within any interval within 30 days. The routine task supports the choice of yesterday, nearly 3 days, nearly 7 days, nearly 14 days, and nearly 30 days;

d. Finally, the distribution account (list of accounts for promotion and authorization) and the distribution channel (support search promotion, information flow bidding, information flow contract GD, hand-opening screen, Baiyi, flash DPA selection).

3 After the new build is complete, you can view it in the directed task list.


  1. Only routine tasks can be turned on/off.
  2. If the user ID uploads the package for more than 180 days, deletes the group condition, and cancels the Baidu actuarial account authorization, the delivery status will become invalid.
  3. Supports the creation of up to 20 groups of directed tasks.

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